How to Hold Your New Born

For new born babies, you need to know how to hold them the right way.  What is important for you to know is that a baby can pick up on the way that you are feeling and how you are feeling towards them. If you are a first time parent and chances are you will be nervous around your baby or if you are not comfortable holding your baby, your baby is going to sense this.  This is probably going to make them arch their back and not want to be held by you at that moment.  In order to avoid this, you need to relax and feel more comfortable with your baby.  Remember that it is important for you to hold your baby safely and securely and also make them feel more comfortable in your arms.

There are different ways that you can hold your baby that you may not have realized.  Holding them differently may make them less bored and more entertained.  If they are fussy, it may be because they are bored.  If you hold them against your body and face them away from you, it is going to give them more to look at and it is going to help them be less bored. You can also get some help from new born care nurses in Dubai.

You have to remember that you need to make your baby feel safe in your arms.  This is something that you will find important for health and happiness of the baby.  Be sure that you are holding them and supporting their entire body and you are helping them know that they are very safe in your arms.  If they are able to relax in your arms, this means that they feel safe.  You should be sure that you are always keeping your mind on your baby when you are holding them.  You will learn quickly and it will become natural for you in no time.  A baby needs to feel close to you so you should hold them close to your body and they will feel more secure than if you were to hold them out away from your body.  Hold them close and keep them safe and secure and you will see that your baby will be happy with you and love to be held in your arms.


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