Covid testing demand spikes after holidays, with long lines at PCR testing facilities

As case numbers rise and worries about the omicron variant take hold, both at-home and PCR tests may be harder to come by.

As Dubai sees a large increase in inbound tourists for holiday gatherings, the celebrations appear increasingly likely to overlap with surging Covid-19 cases and the rapid spread of the omicron variant. Those threats, in turn, are spurring a clamor for PCR testing, rapid tests and at-home kits.

“For that extra reassurance, as we have more disease in this country right now, do a test and make sure that you’re negative before you mix and gather in different households.

The problem? Covid-19 tests are getting harder to come by. Some public health officials anticipate a renewed strain on testing resources, while sites in cities like Dubai and Abudhabi are already seeing long lines.

The reality is testing resources aren’t infinite. Depending on how omicron goes, we may very well get to long delays in test turnaround times and very restricted access to testing, like where we were early on in the pandemic.

We can see long lines stretched outside of testing sites this week and the daily average of new Covid cases reached almost 3000 (that’s a large increase considering we had it under 100 last month).

Health officials continue to recommend testing for anyone who exhibits Covid symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, as well as for those who come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid. Many people also rely on testing as a precaution ahead of large gatherings.

So keep your wits together and plan accordingly for you home pcr tests in dubai.

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